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Carl Rosa is the owner of six businesses which are designed to promote Japanese cuisine, trips/traveling to Japan and the Japanese culture.

In 2006, Carl founded the Sushi Club of Houston - designed to promote, celebrate and review the wide range of sushi throughout Houston, Texas.  Within ten years, the Sushi Club of Houston grew to 17,300 members.

In 2009, he began offering Sushi 101 and Sushi 201 (advanced) classes.  Within three years, his classes expanded to four cities and is currently the highest-rated sushi class on

Carl Rosa, shown above, at Sukiyabashi Jiro in downtown Tokyo (Roppongi), Japan.

In October 2005, he began offering trips to Japan for his members.  Today, the trips to Japan have grown exponentially, totaling eights trips to Japan every year.  Due to the popularity of the trips, Carl created a separate website to keep interested parties informed of his traveling schedule while uploading videos and images to educate and inform those interested in going to Japan for the first time.  While traveling throughout the United States (teaching sushi classes), he carefully schedules trips to Japan throughout the year.

Carl filming with Chef Adison Lee, making Zuke Maguro:

(Soy Sauce-marinated tuna).

Carl with kid.jpg

June 2019 - Carl Rosa poses with a happy, young sushi lover

To contact Mr. Rosa directly, please click here.

In 2012, as the popularity of Japanese ramen began to surface in the United States, Carl used developed an organization named 'Ramen in Common' which has grown to nearly 3,500 members and hosts ramen dining events (and discussing ramen topics on their group's Facebook page.

In 2015, Carl developed a Podcast named 'Raw Conversations' - a program dedicated to a no-nonsense conversation about Japan, Japanese Cuisine and the Japanese Culture.

Carl works directly with several coporations - the House of Blues,,, Living Social, Travelzoo, the Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), NASA, United Airlines, Sugi Yohoen, Sukiyabashi Jiro, Oceanwaves, the Mizkan Corporation and Korin.

Carl and his wife, Sonya, have been married for 23 years.  Due to their busy schedule, they spend their time at their residences in Houston, Texas, Colorado Springs, CO and a small apartment in Asakusa (Tokyo), Japan.

Carl poses for a quick photo in Fujinomiya, Japan.

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