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Sukiyabashi Jiro - The Finest Sushi in the World


Carl visits Sukiyabashi Jiro many times during a typical year.  This video clip is merely a collection of scenes from 3 different visits, edited together.

Video Length:  2:34

Capsule Hotel in Japan - Nine Hours Capsule Hotel


Capsule hotels are incredibly popular in Japan.  While in the city of Kyoto, Carl visited documents his first experience.

Video Length:  6:06

Carl Rosa - Interviewed on Tokyo Television


Carl Rosa at Narita International Airport was interviewed by a Tokyo television show regarding his tours.

Video Length:  3:13

Echigo Yuzawa, Japan - Sake Museum


Visit the famous sake museum of Echigo Yuzawa, 60 miles south of Niigata, Japan.  Carl offers a great glimpse into the market named 'Ponshu-Kan.'

Video Length:  5:17

The City of Kyoto, Japan

Before you visit the city of Kyoto, Japan, this is a great video for anyone interested in seeing it for themselves.  Carl provides a great overview of the Kyoto for you.

Video Length:  8:02

Eroica Scene - Student Documentary in Japan

Mr. Rosa was asked to be the focus of a student documentary in Tokyo, Japan for a film class in the prefecture of Ueno.  This is named 'The Eroica Scene.'

Video Length:  5:16

Toyoko Inn Hotel Chain in Japan

When Mr. Rosa  is in Japan, he utilizes the Toyoko Inn Hotel chain.  This video is a comprehensive, informative look into his reasons for choosing Toyoko Inns.

Video Length:  7:08

All About Mount Fuji

Learn everything you'd ever want to know about Mount Fuji in a single video.  Mr. Rosa usually visits the city of Mishima, Japan (and Mount Fuji) 5 - 6 times per year.

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